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...But We’re Still Bigger

If you've been over to Google today, you've probably noticed that they're celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Lego.  

An interesting tidbit that I got from Spirit Magazine on the way down to Lotusphere that I haven't seen talked about elsewhere:  The total population of Lego people will surpass our own this year.

And we're doing our part in this house.  Between firefighters, EMT's, construction workers, and an imperial tie-fighter pilot, I'd guess we have at least a 4:1 ratio of Lego people to humans.  The scary thing is that our son can actually tell them apart, sending us digging through our giant vat o'legos to find the firefighter with the sunglasses (excuse me - the silver sunglasses, but not the one with the beard).  At one point a year or so ago he asked me to find him "Dave."  Yes - he briefly had started naming those little dudes, a habit he fortunately outgrew, because I consider myself lucky when I can just find one with legs and arms intact, let alone the specific guy he wants to drive the off road firetruck or the space copter or whatever he's concocted lately.  

But anyway - Happy birthday, Legos!


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