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Using Technology to Remake the Marketing Profession

The intersection of marketing and analytics has in large part become my day job of late, and so I've been particularly interested in the CMO CIO Leadership Exchange  that IBM has been hosting in New York City these past few days.  During the event, speakers including IBM CEO Ginni Rometty, IBM SVP Marketing John Iwata, and senior marketing and IT executives from organizations such as Verizon, Aetna, America Express, Walmart,, WellPoint and Ogilvy & Mather, are sharing their views and experience on the evolution of marketing and the role technology is playing in it.

A Huffington Post piece written by IBM Vice President for Corporate Marketing, John Kennedy, summarizes quite well the transition taking place in how marketing is accomplished today - one that will have a big impact not just for those in marketing, but for those in technology, too.  (Did you know that CMOs are expected to outspend CIOs on technology and services over the next few years?)

In response, marketers are doing nothing less than remaking their profession. They are using the latest advances in social media and big data analytics technology to better comprehend their markets, and most importantly, remake their own companies and brands.
Still, if marketing's tactics are changing, the discipline's purpose isn't. Marketing has always been based on a few basic principles: understanding customers, meeting their needs, and doing so in a way that builds trust. They still face the same questions about how to accomplish these goals; they're simply answering them in completely new ways.

You can follow the event on the CMO CIO Social Media Aggregator or search twitter for the #CMO #CIO hashtag.  The IBM Global CMO Study is also a great place to start for insight on the topic: