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Insights from the first 60 days (Part 1)

Last week Akiba asked, now that I had two months on the team, what had surprised me about Sametime. It was an interesting question and gave me something to think about while working in the yard over the weekend. (Put the finishing touches on a new deck... be glad this isn't a personal blog.)

One of the biggest surprises is how much I'm enjoying Sametime Broadcast Communities (part of Sametime Advanced). The basic concept is that you can ask questions, issue polls or send announcements to a community dedicated to a topic and get instant feedback.

For example, I set one up for the world wide Sametime sales teams. Since most of them don't know who I am yet, they can ask product, pricing and licensing questions to the community... and the questions appear on my desktop. Our sellers don't have to waste crucial time trying to figure out who to ask. Of course, other members of the community will also see the inquiry and that means the poster gets to leverage the collective experience of the sales and product management teams - with one question in real time.

More importantly, Broadcast Communities are helping keep me sane. Like many IBM'ers I work from a home office and after a while... you can go a little stir crazy. Let's just say there were a few discreet updates on the iPhone 3G launch last Friday. And I'm sure a whole host of communities will be set up once football season kicks off in the States. The real time nature of broadcast communities can bring a little bit of the water cooler experience to remote employees.