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A little Friday fun for the little ones

Back when Jacob was little, one of my coworkers, who also had a child at around the same time, passed on this site.  

I recently shared it with a colleague, who reported that she now has to watch her 1-year-old (or actually, her computer) that much more closely, because he kept trying to climb up to get to the computer by himself to play it.

Since it seems like there are a number of you out there with kids who are (or soon will be) in the right age range for this (I'd say anywhere from 9 months on up... but your mileage may vary), I thought I'd pass it on.

Image:A little Friday fun for the little ones

PS - Just remember that I warned you - you might have trouble getting the computer back to yourself afterwards.

PPS - Also remember, books and blocks beat computer games any day.