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A Prescription for Prediction

I've written several times (New Intelligence in Action: Predicting changes in the tiniest patients, IOD2009 - InfoSphere Streams) about the innovative use of IBM InfoSphere Streams to prevent infection in premature newborns up to 24 hours earlier than they could have been detected with conventional methods.  It's hard to think of a better example to demonstrate just how game-changing (and life-saving) the application of information and analytics can be.

The video below, created by IBM's Chris Luongo, is the first episode of a series that will highlight "first of a kind" projects out of IBM Research, and gives an excellent overview of the work IBM is doing with University of Ontario Institute of Technology to help health care professionals better treat premature infants.

True stories from IBM's First-of-a-Kind (FOAK) program, which pairs IBM researchers with clients to bring incredible discoveries and possibilities into view. This first episode brings you the wonderful tale about how IBM researchers and clients came together to create an innovative solution for a hospital based on clever stream computing software.