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Analytics Corner with James Taylor (Video)

"How do you embed analytics so the data you have informs every interaction you have with customers?"

That's a quote from analyst James Taylor in a new video interview that was recently added to the IBM Analytics You Tube Channel.  

Over the course of the 3 1/2 minute video, James discusses why analytics is important, the trends he's seeing, his view on the portfolio IBM now has in place, and and three key things people need to think about as they get started.

This video is part of a new series of expert discussions we are launching in our IBM Analytics Channel called "Analytics Corner." Check back in over the coming weeks for new videos in this series, featuring commentary from business partners, analysts and bloggers. This new series will compliment our client focused "Analyze This" series, which highlights insight and advice from some of the leading influencers and practitioners of business analytics.

"The biggest [trend] is towards a more systematic use of analytics.  What are the decisions that really drive my business, and then working back from that, how do I apply analytics to make better decisions, to drive my metrics in direction I want, and what are the right kind of analytics....  Starting with this idea of saying: Where should I be applying analytics."

"Future of analytics - key areas and one most focus on is how embed analytics into operational systems."  

Link:  Analytics Corner with James Taylor