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Announcing the new collaboration solutions developer center

As Sam shared over on the Collaboration Solutions blog, earlier today we unveiled the new collaboration solutions developer center.

The site will pull together essential tools for developers, feature hands-on labs, code samples, and highlight projects built by the community.  There's already a lot there - please check it out.  And 'by the community' means we're looking for your involvement to help contribute articles, videos, and blog posts.

The new Developer Center replaces previous developerWorks pages and will be the single destination for developers. We have migrated over relevant existing content and will be publishing new content regularly. With the launch of the new Developer Center, our passionate subject matter experts have curated a series of fresh new content focusing on emerging technology in collaboration: server-less computing, artificial intelligence, and low-code programming.

You can read more on the background behind the developer center here, and the check it out for yourself.



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