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Another blog milestone

Update (12/20):  Since it seems that I am the 4th entry on Google for the company mentioned below (and have already gotten e-mail on it), I want to make it clear that the post below was a (possibly failed) attempt at sarcasm.  If you're looking to host ads on your site, I'd suggest looking at something that's known to be reputable... or at least find someone a bit more knowledgeable than yours truly from whom to seek advice.

Well, my blog has hit another milestone today.  The first milestone being, of course, when I had made my presence on the 'Net well enough known to receive comment spam (it took about 2.5 months).

Today, I received my first solicitation to put an ad on my site.  While I think I'll continue to remain add free (not counting, of course, my gracious hosts at PSC), in the interest of public service, should any of you actually need "a safe and easy way to apply for payday loans online," I'd be glad to refer you over to my new friends at cashadvancelinkdirectory.