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At least he’s not saying "May the fork be with you"

Preface:  I promised myself when I started this blog that I'd keep the "kids say the darndest things" posts to a minimum, and will do my best to uphold that.  Having said that...

My 4 year-old, Jacob, has recently discovered Star Wars, thanks to the lego "magazine" he subscribes to.  We haven't yet introduced him to the movies yet (and for those of you out there with kids growing up in the VCR/DVD generation, I'm curious as to when you did so), but he saw the lego models and started asking about it, so I told him who everyone in the pictures were and what the different ships were, and then started telling him a little of the story (you know - robots, space ships, rescuing the princess, everyone living happily ever after.  I figured we'll get around to the whole dark side, planet-destroying stuff in good time.)

Anyway, I came home from work the other day and saw him holding a Star Wars themed birthday card that my wife had bought for him, and he proudly proceeded to show me the pictures of Dark Vader, Ar-Tee-Dee-Two, and Only One Kenobi.  (And he keeps asking "but what does 'the Hutt' mean?"... we're still working on that one).

(And I will spare everyone the full list of "phrases I never thought I'd utter when I became a parent," but suffice it to say one of the more recent entries is "Don't call your brother an iPod.")