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Avaya InAAU conference

I flew out to San Diego for the day yesterday to speak at the Avaya InAAU conference.  Overall it seemed like a really good show from what I observed and heard from colleagues that were there for the whole week.  A lot of joint Lotus-Avaya customers are looking to integrate the systems together, and it's great to see people putting unified communications solutions into action.

And, while I certainly can't say I recommend it, I still do marvel at the idea that I could do essentially a day commute (well, day/night commute) to the other side of the country.  

Not to mention, there are worse places to spend an afternoon and evening than San Diego.  While not hot, it was a beautiful, sunny day, and the convention center is right on the water.  After the conference, I joined some fellow IBMers at the Hotel Del Coronado for dinner.  The scenery was gorgeous (although I'm afraid my puny 1 megapixel cellphone camera doesn't really do it justice), and it was good to catch up with some folks that I hadn't seen since, well, probably the last Avaya InAAU conference.