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"Bluehouse" public beta: features new Sametime hosted chat service

Image:"Bluehouse" public beta: features new Sametime hosted chat service

IBM just announced the start of the Lotus "Bluehouse" public beta software as a service collaboration offering. "Bluehouse" services are aimed at making it easy to collaborate between organizations - small or large. Among the services are capabilities to:-

  • Host your online sales or project meeting - anyone can join an online meeting (using Sametime Unyte service)
  • Network with potential clients and business partners outside the firewall
  • Upload files and share files with others
  • Start a group project
  • Create surveys
  • Turn feedback into dynamic charts or graphs
  • Chat securely with people in other organizations

"Bluehouse"  features a new hosted Sametime chat service which allows you to chat with only your Bluehouse business associates in other companies without being SPIM'ed by others. Simple add your "Bluehouse" ID and Sametime server as a new community.

I also love the Store and Share file sharing feature which allows you to mail a link to others rather than sending the attachment without requiring that they register. The best part is being able to track whether they ever opened your document!

Go try it. You can sign up at