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But what if it IS a sign?

Here in Raleigh we pretty much have two classic rock radio stations, with a third "soft rock" station that plays enough decent music that it's worth keeping on preset for when there isn't anything I like on the other two stations.

This evening I was driving to dinner when our 2-year-old started complaining about the music halfway through Eric Clapton's "Cocaine."  Since it's not really one of my favorite Clapton songs either, I switched over to the other classic rock station in time to catch the end of a commercial and the opening notes of... Eric Clapton's "Cocaine."  I laughed at the coincidence and flipped over to the soft rock station, where we listened to something Elton John-ish the rest of the way to the restaurant.

I get back in the car after dinner, start it up, and what's playing on the soft rock station I'd left the radio tuned to?  You guessed it:  Eric Clapton's "Cocaine."

(Whew - and just to be safe I just checked Google News to make sure that he hadn't died or gone back into rehab or something.)


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