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Carestream Health to integrate and sell IBM Lotus Sametime

There are few businesses where operating in real-time matters more than in the medical industry, where lives are literally on the line.  This is why we are very pleased that Carestream Health, whose dental and medical imaging systems are present in over 90% of hospitals worldwide, announced this week that they would be integrating and selling IBM Lotus Sametime with their radiology solutions.  

By embedding Lotus Sametime into Carestream's solutions, doctors and hospital staff will be able to instantly collaborate and share medical test results with each other, in real-time, via integrated live names, IM, VoIP and screen sharing.  So if the medical technician needs to share the results with a doctor, or a radiologist wants to consult another doctor on the case, they can do so, including transmitting or sharing live the image on their PC.  And they can do this all directly from within the Carestream application.

The quality of patient care can be adversely affected by delayed communication or the inability to immediately collaborate with the right experts at the right time. Incorporating communications and collaboration capabilities into routine work processes for medical professionals can improve the speed and efficiency of diagnosis, resulting in faster results and treatment plans for patients. With Carestream Health's systems and IBM software, medical professionals will be able to find experts quickly based on location and topic, and collaborate instantly through instant messaging or a VoIP conversation.

Additionally, users can share computer screens in real time, highlighting key parts of an image to collaborate on a diagnosis. For example, if a radiologist determines that urgent care is required, they can immediately contact the referring physician to communicate critical results. By clicking on the referring physician's name -- which appears within the application -- they can begin an instant messaging dialog or initiate a VoIP call. If additional opinions are needed, colleagues can quickly be added to a VoIP conference call.

Press Release: Carestream Health Selects IBM Unified Communications Software for Immediate Collaboration on Urgent Patient Cases