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Case Study: Nutra-Flo drives global business with robust collaboration platform

A new case study has just been published on Nutra-Flo, a company using Lotus Notes and Domino, Lotus Sametime, and Lotus Quickr to help them stay competitive in the global marketplace while keeping employees connected and saving on travel and other expenses.

I'd certainly encourage you to read the full case study for all the details on how they're using Louts Notes and Lotus Quickr.  From a Sametime perspective, it sounds like they're really seeing value in the Notes integration, as well as making good use of the mobile clients and the ability to save on travel when collaborating with partners or operations in the Asia Pacific region.

Lotus Notes 8 software features an integrated Lotus Sametime client for instant messaging and presence awareness, and licenses for the full Lotus Sametime product mean Nutra-Flo can take advantage of Lotus Sametime Web conferencing. With these capabilities, Nutra-Flo can stay in contact with its Korean partners without the time delay issues of e-mail and can communicate more effectively in between face-to-face meetings. Plus, instant messages are now saved within the e-mail database, so users can view chat histories from within the Lotus Notes 8 client.

"Instead of wasting time watching my inbox or leaving a voice mail, I can simply click to see if a team member is present online and then open an instant messaging session to connect," explains Lohry. "Plus, team members can carry this capability with them on mobile devices, so they can stay connected with colleagues via instant messaging even when in the field. For example, Sametime enabled me to check on production issues with the plant while I was on a recent trip to Thailand." With Lotus Sametime Web conferencing, Nutra-Flo can save travel costs to the Asia Pacific region. "Web conferencing allows us to stay in touch with partners around the world without being there in person, and owning this capability means we don't have to rely on an external service," says Lohry.

Link:  Case Study:  Nutra-Flo drives global business with robust collaboration platform