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Chat with me now (Just not all at once, please)

For a while now, I've had a link in my e-mail signature (and now in the "Contact Me" page of this blog) that essentially says "contact me via IM."  It directed you over to the Collaborate Now page on, where you can launch a Sametime java client and chat with me over IM.

Well, now there's an even easier way to do it.  Chris Pepin has posted an excellent how-to-guide on how to add the community to your Sametime 7.5 buddy list and start chatting with us here in IBM.

Try it today!

Update:  You'll need to add me as an external contact by my e-mail address:  gartenbe @  (remove spaces)

(Hmmm - and it seems that I don't have Chris in my blogroll.  I'll have to fix that, too! Update: Added)