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Check your phone bills

Just a public service announcement here... check your phone bills.  I know in this day and age of auto pay and electronic billing replacing paper, it's easy to just let it go on autopilot from month to month, but I opened my bill this month to discover that I had been signed up for not one but two new internet plans.

That's right, apparently I like internet access so much, someone thought I needed two $19.99 a month plans (and, of course, their associated signup fees).

I have to say, the billing company was very nice when I called to "unsubscribe."  I asked if this happens a lot with these providers, and she said that they handle billing for over 600 different ISPs (but more or less said that it wasn't uncommon to hear requests like mine).

A few months ago I opened the bill to discover that I had been signed up for a voice mail plan.  Just what I need - two of those, too :)

Of course, I'm pretty lucky with these - I mentioned this story to a coworker this morning and apparently someone got a hold of her cell phone account, "purchased" 7 BlackBerries on her behalf, and is up to the thousands in charges already.

So, like I said... check those phone bills.