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Chris Pepin: Update on Sametime Extranet community

Chris Pepin has posted an update on the status of connectivity to IBM's extranet ocmmunity (  Head on over to his blog for all the details.  

As discussed previously on this blog, IBM has an extranet Sametime community ( that allows external customers to exchange secure instant messages with IBM employees.   This service has been available for four years, via the Sametime Connect for Browsers client.   Last year, we expanded this capability to include Sametime Connect 3.1 and Sametime Connect 7.5.     Many customers have asked me when this list will be expanded to include Sametime Connect 8.0 and the embedded Sametime in Notes 8.0/8.0.1.  Over the past several weeks, a number of significant changes to the Sametime infrastructure have been made and given the fact that we are about to enter a quarter end change freeze, the team has decided not to enable these clients in order to minimize the number of changes in the infrastructure.   We are, however, committed to expanding the service to meet the needs of our customers and we will be enabling additional clients after the change freeze.    Thanks for your continued patience.

As Chris also notes, there are other ways to reach out to IBMers, such as the and the demo communities, the Lotus Greenhouse community ( and the Bleed Yellow site (  And if you don't see your favorite IBMer on there, drop them a note to add the community to their client, too.

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