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A real, real-time collaboration day

It was a real, real-time collaboration day here.  A bunch of us were doing some planning around future releases for Sametime.  We started out with a multi-way IM chat, converted over to a VoIP call, and added a Web conference along the way.  The person who was taking notes even passed off control to me while she stepped out for another call, so the rest of us could continue editing the slide deck without requiring her to close the file, attach it in an e-mail, wait for us to get it and open it, and only then be able to continue the discussion.  

Four-plus hours on the VoIP conference call, excellent quality (and even while working from my wireless network at home today).  As usage inside IBM of the Sametime 7.5 beta grows, I'm finding that I'm doing more and more of my calls over the integrated VoIP (to the point where I really need to get a new headset.  I've got the fancy Plantronics one for my desk phone, but I think it's time to upgrade my PC headset.)