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Day 1

Today marks my official first day in my new position as Team Lead for Social Marketing Initiatives for IBM Data Management Software.

My parents think it's funny that I'm officially starting this new job sitting in the same home office with the same computer, same phone, etc.... Shouldn't there be a new office at the IBM facility or something?  I'm even starting the day working "on my own;" I figured setting up a 9 AM meeting with my new boss (who lives out on the west coast) wouldn't exactly be the best way to ingratiate myself to him :)

It does feel a little weird to just switch gears completely over the course of a weekend, but I tried very hard over the last few weeks - and last week in particular - to wrap up and close out my Sametime-related work without dumping everything on my old team.  (And I think I was pretty successful at that - although there are a few loose ends I was hoping I wouldn't have had to hand off to them.)  

I have to say, the whole transition has been a bit surreal.  As much as I'm excited to be tackling this new position, it is hard to move on from my friends at Lotus.  (And I'm not sure why, but one of the hardest things I've had to do is go through and decline/delete all of my old recurring team and planning meetings). I know Lotus Sametime is in good hands, though, and they (and I) know that I'll never be further away than their contact list (or Facebook, or Twitter, or whatever comes along next).

And speaking of my new position, I've already been getting up to speed over these past few weeks, and am ready to jump in with both feet now.  You'll probably start to see some changes in the design of my blog, and will definitely see changes in content.  Hopefully you'll still find it an interesting read.

You will also see a new Sametime team blog that should be live soon, so you don't have to worry about being out of touch with Sametime news or the key contacts on the product management team.

And with that... back to work :)