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eWeek: Password-Stealing Trojan Targets Skype

Be careful out there.

A password-stealing Trojan is targeting Skype, posing as a security plug-in for the popular VOIP and IM service and displaying a fake log-in screen that's almost identical to the real thing.

McAfee's Avert Labs is identifying the Trojan as PWS-Pykse, F-Secure is referring to it as Trojan-Spy.Win32.Skyper.B and Skype is calling it 65404-SkypeDefenderSetup.exe.

The Trojan, which identifies itself as a plug-in called "Skype-Defender," is attempting to steal Skype user names and passwords, along with all user names and passwords saved in Internet Explorer.


One way to distinguish Skype's real log-in from Skype Defender's bogus version is that none of the hyperlinks work on the fake log-in screen.

Link:  eWeek:  Password-Stealing Trojan Targets Skype