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Falling victim to one of the classic blunders

While maybe not as well known as getting involved a land war in Asia and the whole Sicilian/death thing, our insurance carrier did fall for what should certainly qualify as one of the classic blunders:  Never play chicken with a 20-doctor practice and the largest employer in town.

We received a rather frustrating letter a month or two back from our sons' pediatrician practice, saying that as of March they would no longer be taking Cigna insurance.  The overhead was too high, and Cigna was unwilling to negotiate.

We were obviously very frustrated.  This isn't a little one-doc practice; they actually have staff (plural) whose job it is just to work with the insurance companies.  If they couldn't figure out how to make things work, I don't know who could.

I called IBM HR to complain.  I wrote to Cigna to complain.  And apparently I wasn't alone.  My wife took our son in for a checkup this week, and sure enough, they're now back in plan for Cigna.

So, thank you, Cigna, for coming around (and please don't make us go through this again!)