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Five Questions with IBM’s CIO: Blogs, Podcasts, and Wikis

Chris Pepin points us to an article in The San Diego Union-Tribune:  Five Questions with Brian Truskowski, IBM's CIO.  The focus of the piece is on how IBM is promoting the use of blogs, wikis, and podcasts as communication tools within IBM.

Some surprising (and not so surprising) statistics from the interview:

  • 45% of IBM's employees work outside of a brick-and-mortar office (I actually would have thought it would be higher).
  • 55% of IBM's employees have been with the company less than five years (I would have thought this would have been a lot lower, actually).
  • There are over 35,000 bloggers inside IBM, with about 10,000 to 12,000 real active and several hundred outside of the company.

I have to say, the use of podcasts (OK, so many are technically mp3's, but we do have several internal podcast series that we can subscribe to) is something that's really changed things for me.  There are a lot of enablement calls, sales talks, or other sessions that I would like to listen to live, but just can't fit into my schedule.  In the past we had made the audio replays available, but that still meant finding that 90 minutes where I could be attached to a phone, listening to it in one sitting, and within 30 days from the original event - which pretty much never happened for me.  Now that we're posting them as mp3s, I've actually been able to listen to them (and most of the time it seems to be on a plane, which never would have happened before.  We've also starting to record mp3 files on their own - without an accompanying live call - to augment presentations or other material we in marketing posting for sales teams to use.


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