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Well, not so much flattered as annoyed

Image:Well, not so much flattered as annoyed

Has anyone else using Yahoo Messenger noticed an uptick in SPIM coming through?   I've gone from getting almost none to now getting several messages like this a day (and if someone could tell me what about that funky looking fish screams "sexy" - I'd love to hear it).  

And the suprising thing is that most (but not all) have been coming to an alternate ID that I never used much (and haven't touched in around 8 years at that).  It wouldn't surprise me as much if they were coming in to my regular Yahoo ID, as I used it often enough back in the days of boom that I now get around 100 SPAM messages to my inbox a day (let alone the 500 or so that get caught in the mail filter).  I've moved on to gMail for my primary personal mailbox, but still use Yahoo enough for IM that I don't want to have to shut it off.