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From "What’s our problem" to "What is our greatest possibility"

Fred Balboni, VP of IBM's Business Analytics and Optimization services practice, has a piece in Forbes this week ostensibly centered on the future for IBM Watson, but that really describes a shift in the mindset that can have vast implications ( What's Next For IBM's Watson)

As we've seen documented in study after study, the companies that are leading their industries today are doing so by placing a strong emphasis on turning information into insight, leveraging Business Analytics and Optimization capabilities.  

In the Forbes piece, Fred highlights an essential change in thinking (emphasis mine).

The idea is that in the new world of Watson you shouldn't be asking, "What is our hardest problem?" You should be asking, "What is our greatest possibility?"
That's a remarkable difference--going from prioritizing among big problems to lining up newly available targets of opportunity and potential, but as the application of business analytics makes it possible to see patterns in data that we couldn't see before and answer questions we couldn't even ask before, why wouldn't we shift our thinking from solving old problems to unlocking new possibilities?

For more on the possibilities we see opened up by technology like that in Watson, and for specific examples of businesses and government organizations seeing the results already, read on.