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Hindsight is 6 megapixels

After once spending around 10 years in the same pair of eyeglasses, I promised myself that I'd get new glasses every 2-3 years to make sure I don't fall that far behind current styles ever again.  

That was 7 years ago.

Fortunately, I now have a cousin who lives nearby who works for one of the leading (and higher end) eyeglass companies. So the other week, I finally sat down with him to pick out new glasses. This, of course, led to the usual problems: how to tell what you're going to look like in new glasses when you can't actually see anything without your old glasses!

I did the usual thing: tried on a pair of frames, walked into the bathroom and stuck my face 2 inches from the mirror, which once again confirmed that a) this still wasn't close enough, and yet b) it's still way too close to tell what you're going to look like...  and then walked out to ask my wife, in-laws, cousins, Aunt and Uncle, and anyone else who happened to be there for their opinions.

In the end, we (they) picked a pair that I'm sure will look great (they should be ready any day now).

Now fast forward to the other morning.  I was looking in the mirror trying to picture what I would look like in the new glasses, when I had one of those true "D'oh" moments. I was thinking that I wish I could have seen what I looked like when trying on the glasses, when it hit me that I had been standing in a house with probably a half-dozen digital cameras!. I wouldn't even have had to transfer them to a PC; the little 3" window on the back would likely have been more than sufficient!

Oh, well. Lessons learned for the next "2-3" years. (And thanks again, Brad.)