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How do you deploy Sametime clients?

We've been taking a look at  simplifying  and removing pain points in the client install process for Sametime,  and would like some feedback on what you do today.  Here are a few questions that would help us  understand your needs a bit better.

Do you use (or plan to use) Sametime Connect standalone or Notes 8.x  embedded with Sametime as your primary client?
When  you download the client install kits from Passport site, would it be useful to have smaller download kits created for Windows only, Mac only etc vs one download today?
Do you use the standalone installer or network install option?
When you  install Sametime clients, do you use other tools to automatically manage deployment  to user desktops (which ones) , or do you let users install on their own?
Do you ever let users add  plug ins  to their clients on their own or do you mange the update of plug ins in some other way?

Please also feel free to add other comments or any ideas that might make it easier for your organization to roll out the latest client features faster.