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How to get people to read license agreements

How to get people to actually read your license agreement:  Include a pop-up containing the following before showing the license agreement:  "The License Agreement contains HEALTH warnings.  Please read carefully."  (This is for a children's game that's at least 5-6 years old (specs are for Windows 95/98), with lots of warnings about flashing screens, 3-D simulations, and suggestions to get up and stretch at least once every 15 minutes.)  I have to say, I was at least curious what the possible HEALTH warnings could be that I scrolled through the first screen or so before hitting accept.

Of course, maybe this is a standard disclaimer on children's games (anyone?).  This is actually the first installed game our son has gotten - up to now he's been pretty happy with the free games/activities available online from Disney, Nickelodeon (which wins the prize for one of the worst navigation UIs), PBS, and Fisher Price.  Heck, we can sit him down in front of his Amazon wish list and he's usually good for at least 20-30 min.  I'm sure this will change soon, though.