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IBM and the Muppets

Having worked at IBM for almost 11 years now, it's always fun to come across something in IBM's history that I never knew about before.  Today's enlightenment?  Back in the late '60s, IBM teamed up with Jim Henson to produce a series of short films for its sales staff.

The Technologizer blog fills us in on the details (click through for more).

1967 was an interesting time for the team-up: two years before the Muppets’ national prominence would rise thanks to Sesame Street, and two years after the introduction of IBM’s Selectric typewriter, an electric device which was crucial in the transition from old Remington typewriters to the modern word processors which would soon make the Selectric look old-fashioned.

Some of the films were short ice breakers for meetings (and by the topic, I'm guessing IBM's ability to walk into a 60 minute meeting with 90 slides held true even in the pre-PowerPoint era).

...While others were longer pieces, like this one showcasing Rowlf the dog as a novice IBM Selectric typewriter salesman.

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