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IBM extst Gateway

There have a been a few posts (and lots of comments) in the past day or so regarding the extst gateway that IBM has set up, ostensibly to allow people from outside IBM to connect into IBM's Sametime environment.  As a number of people have noted, the service has been sporadic, at best.  Actually, I'm guessing 'sporadic' doesn't really do it justice.

Unfortunately, I can't offer anything in detail at this time other than apologies for not having this running, both because I'm about to board a plane and because we in the product group are only tangentially involved in the running of IBM's deployment of technology, including the gateway.  Maybe that's part of the problem, though.  Maybe that should change.

What I can assure you is that this has not been done deliberately as a way of keeping people from actually connecting in to IBMers.  

As I said, I am traveling today but will be setting up time with our CIO's office, which manages the gateway, as soon as I get back to understand better what the current issues are and what will be done to resolve it.  I do know some of the issues that resulted in certain versions of Sametime (or the embedded Notes client) being blocked, and hope to be able to provide more details on that shortly.