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IM Planet: "Whatever Happened to LCS 2005?"

As you can imagine, an article titled "Whatever Happened to LCS 2005?" caught my eye when the latest Instant Messaging Planet e-mail digest came in today.  The article describes how analysts aren't seeing Microsoft's IM software getting the kind of traction they might have expected.

It's hard to ignore a 400 pound gorilla. And when we're talking about the software market, the gorilla in question is invariably Microsoft. In the enterprise instant messaging segment of the market, the gorilla comes in the form of Microsoft's Live Communications Server (LCS) 2005.

But here's the thing: while the gorilla is not being ignored exactly, it's not getting the kind of attention that a large and very hairy primate might expect.

The article goes on to describe some of the differences analysts see between LCS 2005 and Sametime:

Voice and video conferencing is an important differentiator which separates LCS from SameTime, believes Nick Shelness, senior analyst at Ferris Research. "LCS is lacking in that it has no conferencing built in," he says.... "So with LCS, if you want to make a multi-party conference call, you have to use a conferencing vendor. LCS has the APIs, but doesn't have conferencing built in. So you are buying point to point, but multipoint is not included, and for a corporation doing a feature analysis, that is a big deal," says Shelness. It's not likely that this situation is going to change any time soon. That's because the main thrust for LCS 2007 is integration and support for Office 2007 rather than the development and addition of new features.

Of course, the analysts aren't counting Microsoft out (any more than we are taking our eyes off them), but it is nice to see validation of the same thing that we hear all the time from businesses we talk to - that just because Microsoft enters a market, it doesn't mean they're going to walk away with it.

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