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In-depth blog roundup from IOD 2010

Earlier today I shared a few of the IOD blog posts that I had come across on Twitter.  Below are very detailed and insightful posts from some of the "regulars" to blogging in this space.

Craig Mullins, over on his DB2Portal Blog, passes on news highlights and his perspectives from a DB2 standpoint.

  • DB2 10 Technical Overview at IOD Conference
  • News From The IOD Conference
  • A Video from IOD, DB2 -- Monday 10/25
  • IBM Information On Demand 2010 - The Final Keynote

IBM's Todd "Turbo" Watson does his usual outstanding job of pulling out the key points from a number of sessions and briefings, including many that I just didn't have the time or stamina to adequately capture.  Definitely read his coverage and thoughts on all of the sessions below:
I remember finding Robert Catterall's posts from last year's IOD conference to be very thorough and insightful, and this year's posts prove equally so:
ReadWriteWeb's Alex Williams participated in the IOD Blogger program again this year, and posted several stories from the conference: Independent Analyst Sandy Kemsley has written a number of posts about the Enterprise Content Management and the Advanced Case Management announcements from the conference: IBMer Delaney Turner wrote up a storm over the course of the week over on the Performance Perspective's blog.  While all of these make for worthwhile reading, definitely check out the last post below (Top 10 takeaways):