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Information Week Survey: VoIP

Information Week ran an interesting article a couple of days ago on a VoIP survey they had undertaken.  In addition to providing a good summary of the benefits of VoIP and integration with other collaboration solutions, there were a few things that stood out for me in particular:

  1. Deployment of VoIP is inevitable: Only 12% of respondents said they have no plans to use it.
  2. While the benefits certainly outweigh the costs, this isn't a walk in the park:  "Maintaining call quality on a VoIP network is tougher than on a conventional voice network."
  3. People want to be able to leverage their existing investments:  45% of respondents cited interoperability with existing systems as the biggest obstacle to adoption of VoIP in their companies (second only to upgrade costs at 50%).

InformationWeek: In Depth: Five Things You Must Know About VoIP