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InfoSphere Keynote

Martin Wildberger hosted the InfoSphere keynote this afternoon.  Sorry I don't have more time than sharing my notes, but there were some really good points brought up by the customers brought up on stage, and I did want to share them.

City of Chicago - sensors in certain neighborhoods to pick up gunshots and traingulate position, giving police new information before they arrive on the scene.

How do you spot an information trailblazer?

  1. They recognize that information, when treated as an asset, has the potential to transform their business - Info Integration & Governance
    1. Understand
    2. Cleanse
    3. Transform
    4. Deliver
  2. They understand the business value of creating and maintaining a single view of key data domains such as customers, products and assets - Master Data Management
  3. They focus on providing consumable, actionable information to the right people at the right time - Business Analytics

Rick Biederstadt -  BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas
  • 12.5M members
  • From claims-paying company to information and health company
  • Event-driven architecture - Take data into data integration hub and push where need to go.  Make it sourced, standardized, integrated based on rules in the hub.
  • Member-focus vs. employer focus

InfoSphere Master Data Management
  • Multi-Domain MDM
  • Supports all styles of MDM
  • Hundreds of pre-built business services
  • Proven performance and scalability

Acquisition of Initiate - brings to table expanded set of client scenarios, including data exchanges and information sharing.  Expanded footprint in key industries, including healthcare and government., and over 250+ customers across industries.  

Retail - at beginning of Web, found that experience had with them on the web is different than speaking to someone in call center is different than if went into retail store.

Monica Smith, Suncorp (Australia)
  • Financial Institution, banking, insurance.
  • 23 systems managing all of product systems.
  • Implemented Initiate Customer Hub, batch feeds from 23 systems (totalling 23M customer records - an interesting contrast to Australia's 22M citizens).
  • Improve data quality for matching and accuracy
  • Daily customer analytics extract
  • Customer analytics then supplies data to Campaign Management (Unica)
  • Allowing to do things like prevent customer cannibilization, where move from one Suncorp brand to another (costing them $100 each time).
  • Single view allows to offer customers multi-product discounts, focus on acquiring from competition rather than transfer between brands
  • Benefits:  Direct efficiency savings alone is estimated at $A10m per year for the next 3 years.  

  • Business analytics - understanding who most/least profitable customers are, what is age profile of customers or what do customers buy, where are profitable lines of business, how are marketing campaigns being successful, etc.
  • A comprehensive portfolio:  InfoSphere Warehouse, IBM Smart Analytics System, Warehouse Packs.
  • Difference between today and yesterday... reach is very different.  Used to be a handful of individuals in the back office with access to it, and now are looking to get out to many more people.  That's where warehouse packs come in.  Pre-built, consolidated data structure and supporting components in areas of customer insight, market and cmapaign insight, supply chain insight.

Melody Playford - Dillard's
  • Focus on customer relationships - important that maintain good touchpoint with you
  • Implementing BI data warehouse over past 7 years.
  • It wasn't about one big "aha" moment, it was about a lot of little ones that really add up.
  • Go back and do roadmaps and business value assessments.  Started by just proving that saw value in first implementation.
  • Success story example:
  • A few years back, people hit by economy, customers still expecting direct mailing despite cost
  • First Sunday in December reward customers with invite-only "VIP Night"  Huge impact on business and relationship-building opportunity
  • Team told had to cut budget by 40% (but still expect a lift).  And could no longer hand out flier at cashier.  
  • Used intelligent mining tool to find customers with low spending rate with characteristics similar to those that spent at prior year's VIP event.
  • Result was VIP night revenues year-over-year