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Insights from the first 60 days (Part 2)

About two weeks ago my IBM issued Thinkpad (an X60) began to die. The bottom would get burning hot and then the unit would just stop - as if all the power had been removed. Since it took some finagling to get this machine - it may be IBM issued but an X60 isn't standard issue - I sent it in for repairs as quickly as I could. All of which left me with a minor problem. What was I going to do for a week while it was being repaired?

Enter my MacBook.

I installed Lotus Notes 8.5 (Public Beta) with the integrated Sametime Advanced 8.0.1 client on my 2.2Ghz Dual Core (Santa Rosa) Macbook, replicated and was more or less on my way. Surprise number two is how strong Mac support is for both Notes and Sametime. I found some minor UI issues with the standalone Sametime 8.0 client, but 8.0.1 appears to have resolved those. Except for the fact that I try to segregate my work and personal data by keeping them on different machines - I could stay right here and not miss a beat. In a world where Mac support is too often limited to basic functionality or I'm old to run Windows in Boot Camp or Parallels, it's great to see that IBM has made the investment to fully support this and other platforms.

(Although I would appreciate it if we would add Spaces support. Guys? Guys....)