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Introducing Eli Benjamin Gartenberg

Sorry for the delay in posting this here, but I couldn't be more pleased to introduce the latest addition to the Gartenberg family.  Eli Benjamin Gartenberg was born Saturday night at 10:16 pm.

At 6 lb 1oz, and 18" Eli outweighed his older brothers when they were born.  Other than spending his first night in the NICU to make sure he was breathing appropriately, Eli has been doing well, and is even learning to do things that his brothers didn't pick up until their second year of life (like sleeping for more than 2 hours at a stretch.)  

Leslie continues to amaze me, bringing Eli into the world without drugs, and everyone is now home and adjusting to our new, larger household.  Jacob is thrilled to be a "super" big brother (his words), and Noah can't wait to fulfill his new big brother duties by teaching Eli to fly a kite.  (He's 3; we're still working on that whole patience thing).

I have no doubt that I'll have a lot more pictures in the coming weeks and months, but here are a few from Eli's first few days:

Eli Benjamin Gartenberg

Leslie and Eli

Jacob and Eli

Noah and Eli