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Introducing Connections Engagement Suite

It's been really encouraging to see the interest that we're getting in the IBM Connections Engagement Center (previously known as XCC).  And one frequent request we've received is for a way to simplify the purchase of Connections and Engagement Center for businesses completely new to the portfolio.

With that in mind, today we are introducing IBM Connections Engagement Suite.   Designed to give organizations the tools needed for collaboration and improving employee engagement, the Engagement Suite is a bundle of Connections, Engagement Center and IBM Docs (and priced very attractively -- if you reach out to your sales representative or Business Partner, they can fill you in on the details).

For those new to Engagement Center, here are a brief overview a few customer case studies

Case Studies:

  • Ernsting’s family:  Fashion retailer creates a digital workplace hub to help employees thrive in their roles.
  • Berge & Meer:  Travel company strengthens collaboration, fosters innovation and consolidates communication.