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Introducing the Lotus Sametime Code Exchange

Image:Introducing the Lotus Sametime Code Exchange

If there's one word you've heard us repeat over and over again when talking about Lotus Sametime 7.5, it's:  plugin, plugin, plugin (or plug-in, plug-in, plug-in).  Hopefully by now you've had a chance to look at the plugins already listed in the Lotus Sametime Plugin Catalog by our ISV partners (and more are in the works).

I wanted to let everyone know about a new Sametime resource that is now available on DeveloperWorks. The Lotus Sametime Code Exchange was recently launched as a community resource where developers can post and exchange plugins, code, or ideas with each other.  So far the site has been populated with the free code samples and plugins that are included in the Sametime SDK.  If you haven't had a chance to dig through the SDK and try them out, now's your chance.  There are a few - notably Quick Response and Recent Buddies - that fall into my "can't live without" category. (Recent Buddies in particular has saved me a number of times - usually when a random sales representative pings me at 11:00 at night with a question to which I promise a response in the morning... the only problem being that by the next morning I've closed the chat window and have no idea whatsoever to whom I was supposed to be responding.)  We expect to see additional code posted by IBM developers but also hopefully by all of you as you try out Sametime and come up with cool new plugins of your own.

A brief word on the difference between this site and the Sametime Plugin Catalog.  The Sametime Code Exchange , which provides unsupported, free code, is a complement to the Sametime Plugin Catalog, which is a more formal site intended to list plugins offered by our partners (or IBM) for free or for fee that have gone through a review process.

So please, start posting your code and help us spread the word, and thank you to Konrad Lagarde and Frank Jania (and anyone I might have missed) for making this happen.

Link:  Lotus Sametime Code Exchange