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Invalid plant removal

Every once in a while I get an e-mail at work - from another IBMer - that either doesn't pertain to me or that if it does pertain to me is so obfuscated that I can't even recognize what it relates to.

I got one such e-mail this afternoon, with the subject line you see above.

Upon opening the e-mail I discovered that this doesn't in fact have anything to do with Ficus plants that have overstayed their welcome or Begonias that snuck in over the border.  Instead, someone will be "deleting no longer used plant code data from tab1 and tab2 databases."

Not having any idea what tab1 or tab2 databases were, I was worried at first, but then I read the next line, and can now rest much easier tonight:  "The data that is being removed should have never been sent to the IW or TOS/TOL so should not pose a problem."

Clear to you?