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IOD EMEA 2010 - Day 1 Press Announcements

Here is a summary of the press announcements made during Day 1 of the IOD EMEA 2010 conference:

IBM Unveils Software and Services to Help Organizations Make Sense of Their Deluge of Data

ROME, - 19 May 2010: To help clients transform their businesses through information management and analytics, IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced new software and services designed to help organizations take advantage of the growing and diverse forms of data and content.

The importance of business insight and analytics can be found in IBM's 2010 Global CEO Study, which reveals how leading companies are using new approaches to managing complexity and finding opportunities for growth. In fact, more than 60% of CEOs surveyed cite industry transformation and the information explosion as the most significant factors facing their organizations over the next 5 years.

With today's news, IBM is expanding its portfolio and furthering its investments in information and analytics with:

  • New services and solutions for business and IT professionals to address the emerging challenge companies face around the petabytes of data, otherwise known as Big Data.
  • New software capabilities to help companies improve case management challenges such as social services, healthcare member enrollment and insurance claims in a more collaborative and efficient way. This includes enterprise content management, business process management, analytics, business rules and social software.
  • New industry specific analytic models for banks and insurance companies to meet regulatory compliance requirements such as Basel II.
IBM Moves Predictive Analytics Into New Era by Giving Business Users 'Three Clicks' to Smart Decision Making

ROME, - 19 May 2010: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today unveiled new software that places the power of predictive analytics directly into the hands of business users for faster, more insightful decision making.

With three simple clicks, business users can now build a predictive model within a configurable web browser interface, and run simulations and "what-if" scenarios that compare and test the best business outcomes before the model is ever deployed into an operational system. Business users now have full control over the analytic process, enabling them to make accurate decisions in real-time, based on changes in strategy, customer buying patterns and behaviors, or fluctuating market conditions.

Starting today, IBM is delivering a new, configurable offering for the insurance industry, and another for marketing organizations within all business verticals. The first is designed to help identify fraudulent insurance claims, which account for approximately $30 billion in losses a year. The second manages every inbound customer and prospect interaction via call center, web, point-of-sale or email.


IBM Teams With Hildebrand to Bring Smart Metering to Homes Across Britain

ROME, - 19 May 2010: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced it is teaming with energy consultant Hildebrand to help consumers make more informed decisions about their energy consumption with IBM data management software. As part of this effort, citizens and companies are working together to make more efficient use of energy by collecting, storing and analyzing detailed energy usage information in real time from homes across the UK.
The Hildebrand monitoring system enables real-time analysis of electricity usage for households, or even for individual appliances, to help people make better decisions about energy efficiency in the home and minimize their environmental impact.
The Hildebrand solution is powered by IBM Informix database software, using the Time Series capability.