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IOD EMEA 2010 - Day 2 Press Releases

Here's a summary of the press releases issued at the IOD EMEA 2010 conference today.  Some really exciting stories of how companies in the telco and retail industries are using IBM Data Management and Business Analytics technology to improve performance and get closer to their customers, and further evidence of the wave of businesses and IBM Business Partners switching from competitive database platforms to DB2.  (And in related news, IBM was awarded two 2010 SAP Pinnacle Awards including Customer Satisfaction and Global Technology Partner of the Year at their SAPPHIRE NOW conference.)

Slovenia's Iskratel and IBM Respond Faster to Skyrocketing Consumer Demand for Mobile Applications

ROME, - 20 May 2010: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced it is collaborating with Iskratel, a leading telecommunications equipment company serving 20 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, to help Communications Service Providers (CSPs) respond three times faster to a growing number of tech savvy consumers demanding more data-intensive applications and services including ringtones, music and video downloads, instant messaging, GPS, traffic alerts and stock trades.

Now more than ever, CSPs need to respond with greater speed to handle millions of subscribers in microseconds.  In addition, they need to respond to an increasing number of requests for unstructured data generated from a variety of sources such as blogs, web content, social media websites and email.  Using IBM solidDB, Iskratel has dramatically augmented the speed of transactions the system can handle, reaching two million busy hour call attempts.  A 30 percent increase in its system efficiency has also resulted in better network reliability, fewer dropped calls and faster downloads.


Spanish Retailer NECK & NECK Improves Customer Relationships, Increases Sales with IBM Predictive Analytics

ROME, - 20 May 2010: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that NECK & NECK, a children's clothing retailer in nine European countries with more than 200 stores, is using IBM predictive analytics software to maximize customer relationships and improve the overall business. Using IBM predictive analytics, NECK & NECK has effectively targeted sales promotions, improving campaign response rates by more than 25 percent and increasing the average amount of consumer purchases by 15 percent in one year.
Julio Eugenio Quinonez, business intelligence manager at NECK & NECK, said, "IBM predictive analytics software has helped our organization improve business through better customer behavior prediction. We have now learned how to find the best variables, such as customer profitability, to help us effectively reach customers most likely to purchase and also encourage customers who haven't purchased from our organization in a while to do so with the right promotion."


Client Demand for Better Performance at Lower Cost Accelerates the Movement to IBM DB2 Database Software

ROME, - 20 May 2010: A new wave of clients and business partners in industries such as healthcare, energy and financial markets have made the switch from competitive platforms to IBM DB2 database software to meet data intensive demands of their businesses.  To further accelerate this momentum, IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced today a new feature that allows clients to more easily move their applications written for Sybase ASE to DB2 - adding to the support for Oracle Database applications introduced last year.

Clients such as BJC Healthcare and Pep Boys are already testing the feature to move their industry applications from Sybase ASE to DB2 to help reduce IT costs and achieve overall better performance.

Additionally, in just the past 12 months, more than 500 partners including Synopsis SA, Perficient, Inc. and Odyssey Financial Technologies Inc. have adopted or migrated to DB2 due to its ease of use, lower costs and greater ROI for their clients.