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IOD EMEA 2010 - Day 0

I arrived in Rome yesterday for the IOD EMEA 2010 conference.  My apologies for the protracted blog silence, but work and life have kept me busy this past month or two (with much of the time these past few weeks working on content for this conference).

The venue here on the outskirts of Rome is beautiful, and I got a chance to head into the city last night for a little bit - a very nice night out after a long 36 straight hours of travel and work.
I'm not sure I'll be live blogging the general sessions and keynotes like I did at last year's global conference - I'm a bit too close to it for that - but will do my best to summarize and relate back what I hear.  I am participating in the blogging program again, so check in for updates from the special activities the team has planned for us.

And if you're not here live, you can follow along live from home (time zone permitting), as we're going to be live streaming the opening session and keynotes.  Head over to the IOD EMEA Website starting at 09:00am CET tomorrow (Wednesday) for the Opening General Session, and check back in over the next two days for the other keynotes and general sessions (see here for a schedule of events).

And of course, I expect a lot of activity across various social networks.  This page has more the details on the various Blogs and Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts and hashtags to follow.  (Hint:  #IOD2010 is a good one to start tracking now.)