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Taking the view that there's value in shared dialogue over IT-related topics, a new "Smarter Questions for a Smarter Planet" site recently went live.  Featuring initial topics such as "Are Industry Benchmarks Old Hat?" and "RISC vs. x86-based Systems: Which One Takes the Cake?", the site features responses from a number of IBM experts (with non-IBM experts expected to be added shortly.

I'd encourage you to stop on over and share your opinions.  Join the debate!

More on the new site:

This blog is intended to foster an open debate on IT-related subjects. We believe that the best resolutions come from shared dialogue. We invite you to share your opinions and together we can create an engaging and lively debate on current topics. If you are interested in becoming a featured expert, or suggesting debate topics, please contact us. We welcome participation from users, software and hardware vendor employees, business partners, and other third parties.

Link:  Smarter Questions for a Smarter Planet