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Joining a Web conference the first time

I had the opportunity for an impromptu Web conference with Volker Weber the other day, and he posted some comments on his experience with the Sametime 7.5 meeting and a WebEx meeting he had joined earlier in the day.  (And one note:  the Mac is not actually a supported platform for Sametime Web conferences right now, although as Volker demonstrated it is possible to join and participate in a meeting - the main thing Mac users won't be able to do is share their screen or take control of someone else's PC.  Viewing the moderator's shared screen, uploading and viewing files, and drawing on the whiteboard all worked fine for Volker.)

There is something that he mentioned that I'm curious about, though.  He mentioned being able to (or being required to?) download a plugin from WebEx prior to participating in the meeting.  Sametime, in contrast, pushes through a small download the first time you join a Sametime Web conference.  

What's your opinion on this - would you prefer to have the option to download those small files in advance of attending a meeting, to slightly speed up the time needed to join a meeting the first time?  (Or, if you are an administrator, would you want to make those files available to your users as part of a standard desktop build?)  Or would you prefer, as Sametime does today, to have those files automatically pushed down as you join that first meeting?