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Location Awareness

One of the new features introduced in Sametime 7.5 is location awareness - the ability to share where you are physically located (and see where others are).  As someone who works on a remote team - and has for much of the past 7 years - this is a feature I use all the time.  Even to see whether someone's working from their home office that day is helpful, let alone when you see that someone's online but at a customer site.

Of course, there's a lot more you can do with location than just hovering over someone's name to see where they are.  The two DeveloperWorks articles linked to below provide additional details on the location awareness capabilities and how you can extend it.  (For example, here in IBM we've got plugin extensions that can show your local weather, or can bring up a list of network printers for your location - something I use all the time when traveling to other IBM offices.)

DeveloperWorks Articles:
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