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Lotus Collaboration Evangelist Kit

Ever thought to yourself, "Gee, I wish I had a 421MB zip file filled with presentations, flyers, videos, brochures and case studies on Sametime, Quickr & Connections. That kind of material would be useful as I educate my colleagues on the benefits of social networking and unified communications."? Haven't we all?

Fortunately, our colleagues on The Collaboration Soapbox have pulled together exactly what you are looking for in the "Work Smarter with IBM Collaboration" evangelist kit. The kit will be updated on a bi-monthly basis. Some of what you'll find in this month's edition:

Alloy_Solution_Brief_Final.pdf, Beyond Converged Networks.pdf, Celina Insurance.pdf, Collab 2.0 demo.avi, Collab at the Speed of Business.pdf, Collaboration + ECM.ppt, Collaboration 2.0.ppt, Collaboration to innovation.pdf, Cost Reduction with Lotus Software.ppt, IBM UC2 and Sametime Overview.ppt, IBM_Demo_Lotus_Quickr-1-Sep07.swf, Lotus Connections datasheet.pdf, Lotus Connections flyer.pdf, Lotus Connections March 2009.ppt, Lotus Connections.wmv, Lotus Quickr in 5 Plus.ppt, Lotus Quickr Overview.ppt, Lotus Sametime Advanced 1 slide.ppt, MeetChristof.ppt, Quickr brochure.pdf, quickrdemorun.htm, same3.wmv, Sametime 8 datasheet.pdf, Sametime and Microsoft.pdf, shell_popup.html, Smarter IT through Collab.ppt, Social Networking.pdf, Software Synergy.pdf, ST for NOTES FINAL 8, The Business Value of Real-Time and Unified Communications.ppt, The New Collaboration.pdf, Typex.pdf, U of London.pdf, UC.pdf, UC2 Strategy.pdf, uc2_video_with_music.wmv, VCU.pdf, Wainhouse IBM Strategy.pdf, Web 2.0 brochure.pdf, Working with connectors.pdf, Working with places.pdf
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