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Lotus Sametime 7.5.1CF1 Now Available

Lotus Sametime 7.5.1 CF1 (and Sametime Gateway CF1) are now available for download on Passport Advantage and Lotus Support.  (Download/install instructions here.)

As you can see from the fix list, a number of updates have been made in particular to the Mac client, including how the client interacts with the dock (it now does), the use of the Apple preferences/about menus, and a save-password issue specific to the PPC platform.  There are a some additional updates that we couldn't get into CF1 that are in plan for Sametime "Next" (such as having the dock icon bounce with an incoming IM, as well as location and video), but hopefully those of you using Macs will find this version much improved.  (And it looks like Declan has tried it out already with some positive results.)  I'd be curious to hear from anyone else trying out CF1 on the Mac, especially those of you who provided feedback after 7.5.1 first came out.  (Alas, I'm limited to my Lenovo T60p here, so don't have a chance to try it out myself.)