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Lotusphere 2007: Sametime All The Time

Now, don't let the title of this post deceive you... you will still find a few other topics besides Sametime covered at Lotusphere this year :)  However, what you will find at Lotusphere is a very dramatic increase in the number, breadth, and depth of sessions focused on Sametime.

If you've had a chance to look through the Lotusphere 2007 sessions that were posted last week, you might have noticed the phrase "Sametime All The Time" next to the Sametime-related sessions.  Basically, what we've done is carve out a whole sub-track this year just focused on Sametime - 19 breakout sessions in all (including repeats).

Or, in other words, if you're in any way deploying Sametime or even just thinking about deploying Sametime, then the Dolphin Southern Hemisphere IV-V is the place you will want to be this Lotusphere. (Heck, even if you're not thinking about deploying Sametime, stop on by... you might just see something that will make you change your mind.)  Sametime will be moving into that room for the entire show.

Just to give you a taste of what those sessions will cover:

  • Deep dive on IM
  • Deep dive on Web conferencing
  • Deep dive on the Real-Time Collaboration Gateway
  • Overview on developing Sametime plugins
  • Deep dive on developing Sametime plugins
  • Future of Unified Meetings
  • Organizational collaboration
  • Details on deployment inside IBM and at customer locations

But wait, there's more!

In addition to those 19 breakout sessions, you'll also find a special mini-keynote presentation on our Unified Communications and Collaboration strategy.  You'll find two jumpstart sessions on technical details and large scale architecture design (repeating).  You'll find a hands-on lab on installing, configuring, and using Sametime 7.5, as well as a developers lab and an ISV enablement lab.  If you're coming in for Business Development day, we'll be there, too.  And of course, just walking around the show floor you're going to see a whole lot of vendors showing how their solutions integrate with Sametime (and vice-versa).

Something tells me it's going to be a busy week.

Also, I didn't want to conclude this post without issuing a heartfealt thank you not just to everyone who will be speaking, but to everyone who submitted sessions related to Sametime.  Even with a greatly expanded presence, we still had to turn away many, many submissions that would have made great sessions.  Don't let that stop you for next year!