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Lotusphere Post #1 - You like Sametime.... You really, really like Sametime


(I know it's not Saturday, but I'll come back to this. Bear with me for a minute.)

I've learned from last year not to try to do "Lotusphere Day ___" posts, because I both quickly fell behind and also because I quickly lost track of days.

Instead, here's a stream of conscious post of thoughts and observations from the show so far.

There are a lot of people interested in Sametime.  A lot.  At the "Strategy and Futures" session that I did with Rob Ingram, we filled the 400-or-so seat S. Hemisphere IV-V, filled the overflow room (100-150 seats?), and according to one of the door monitors, had a near riot with people looking to get in.  If you didn't make it in, there is good news.  We'll be repeating the session on Thursday at 11:15.  

And in other non-scientific signs of interest, I, randomly, had lunch with a customer using Sametime and looking at integrating with their telephony system.  Fellow product manager Mike Mottola stopped by to say that the customer he randomly had breakfast with has Sametime on their roadmap as an important focus for the year.

We had some interesting results from the informal poll we took at the beginning of the session.  I would say around 75% of the people in the room raised their hand when we asked who was using Sametime already, with probably 75-80% of those using Sametime 7.5/7.5.1, and a good number of hands raised for people already on 8.0.  We also had an overwhelming show of hands when we asked who was already looking into telephony integration, and a good representative of people using or looking into the Sametime Gateway.

Chris Miller reported that his Sametime Gateway hands on lab also had double-overflow, and it was also great to hear that he was able to walk the class through a complete Gateway installation, start-to-finish, in an hour and 44 minutes, I think the figure was.  The Sametime Unified Telephony session this afternoon also overflowed.

While we'll be sharing some Lotus Sametime news tomorrow morning during the Unified Communications and Collaboration keynote, we kicked off this morning's UC section of the Opening General Session by calling out Lotus Sametime's 10th Anniversary year!  (Of course, our best years are still in front of us).  

Make sure you stop by the Sametime booth on the exhibit floor or visit the Sametime developers for some Sametime Anniversary M&Ms, and make sure you pick up and wear a "I've Been Using Sametime Since _____" button (or ask me for one if you see me).  For all you Sametime customers out there, we've also got some posters for you to sign at the back of the Sametime All The Time room (Dolphin S. Hemisphere IV-V).

And, speaking of the UC Keynote tomorrow morning (scheduled for 8:30) , you might want to make sure you come just a little early (especially if you're a long time Sametime customer).

And now, back to the picture on the top.  If you haven't already, read Chris Reckling's post about a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on in producing the Opening Session.  Last year and this year I've had the honor of helping out on the Sametime portions of the OGS and the UC keynote, and it's absolutely amazing at everything that goes on behind the scenes to produce and orchestrate the videos, graphics, music, and scripts for the show.  Hats off to everyone involved in making this look so flawless!  (And if you were wondering, the picture is on the wall in the local "headquarters" the production team has set up here.  I know I found it helpful.)

Other random thoughts on Lotusphere so far:

  • The Dolphin and Yacht & Beach are too damn far apart.
  • Live demos go much better when the internet connection doesn't drop in the middle (multiple times).
  • Live demos go much better when Apple doesn't try to update iTunes for you in the middle.
  • The Dolphin and Yacht & Beach are too damn far apart.
  • I'm really bad at recognizing faces (0 for 4 this afternoon).  So my apologies in advance if we've met each other before and I don't immediately connect the name and face.  I promise, by the third time we meet this year, I'll remember you!  (But all bets are off for Lotusphere 2009).
  • It was fun to follow Twitter during the OGS, but I was too busy watching the show to tweet back.
  • Don't wear new socks for the first time while at Lotusphere (I knew better than to bring new shoes - but new socks?)
  • The Dolphin and Yacht & Beach are too damn far apart.  (I know I've said this three times, but that's how many round trips I did yesterday.)