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Making your back-end database "live"

Brand Connect plug-inDarren Adams has a very interesting post about an Eclipse plugin that Chris Freestone of the Lotus Technical Sales team built.  It takes a back-end Domino database and makes it "live" through integration with Lotus Sametime.  It provides a view into which members of the Technical Sales teams have expertise in which products, and since it is Sametime-enabled, the users of this plugin can immediately start an IM conversation with their contacts.

Think about how much easier it is to get connected and to get answers now, as opposed to needing to find and open the database, then find the contact, then figure out how to reach out to them - even if you are using Lotus Sametime but haven't presence-enabled your applications, it still adds to the time it takes to start that conversation.

How could you use a solution like this?  How would your life be different if your customer relationship management system could allow you to not only see who the account team is for a given customer, but to without leaving the application immediately see who is available and start an IM, phone or video conversation with them.  (Or your financial reporting system, or your help desk tracking system, or... or... or...)

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