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Mark your calendars for Oct. 1: Online Community Action Day

I was catching up on last month’s IDUG bulletin, and the article that Julian Stuhler had written on the importance of community got me thinking.  My boys (well, the older two, at least) recently started back at school for the year, and their schools held "community action days," where they asked parents to come together as a community and get the schools ready for the new year (washing the last remnants of crayon off the desks, picking the chewing gum wrappers out of the playing field... that kind of thing.)

While IBM's data management solutions have healthy, growing online communities, thanks to all of you who work with these products, serve as user group board members, and participate as IBMers, I’d love to see even more involvement and interaction in our online communities.

I’m proposing that we make October 1 an Online Community Action Day.  

What does this mean?  I’d like to ask you to take just one simple action to demonstrate your participation in the broader community.  Just one.  You could, for example:

If you really want to be ambitious, you could even go post your own tip or best practice to the listserv or forum, or even start your own blog!

See?  I told you it would be easy.  No scraping gum off the bottom of desks or painting fences, just a simple action and 5 minutes out of your day to show your appreciation and give back to the community.

I’d love to hear your comments on this proposal – and would love to hear your feedback on what action you took on October 1, as well.  

Just remember – October 1 is the day to show your support, share your knowledge, and show your appreciation for the community.

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Nial Kennedy